Founded in 2008, our team at INMIND is known for creating successful software products for businesses of all sizes. Over the years, we have delivered groundbreaking technologies ranging from blockchain, NFTs, AI to social mobile apps. We have worked hard to raise the bar and set an example for excellence.

Through the success of our clients, we have welcomed various opportunities. Today, we are celebrating a milestone that was made possible by the support of our partners.

We’re thrilled to announce that INMIND was recently recognized as one of Uruguay’s most reviewed and recommended social mobile app developers on The Manifest Awards 2024!

The Manifest is a business news website designed to help browsers find reliable service providers. The platform is known for its annual award cycle that spotlights outstanding relationships shared by service providers and their clients. The winners of the award are chosen based on the volume of earnest testimonials they garnered over the past year.

This truly means a lot was, especially knowing that we were able to win it because of our clients’ support. If it weren’t for their ideas and projects, we wouldn’t be the leaders that we are today. We attribute our success and this award to their trust. 

On behalf of the whole INMIND team, thank you so much to everyone who put their faith in us! Your confidence in our capabilities empower us to push forward and innovate. INMIND is excited to partner with you! Let’s take on new opportunities together. Connect with us and let’s book a quick call so we can discuss your ideas and needs.

Our co-founder, Omar Saadoun, is a leading expert in emerging digital technology whose passion is to help business owners like you realize the limitless possibilities of tech.

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