Wong Supermarket has piloted a supply chain project that would enable buyers to scan and verify the quality of numerous meat products.

Blockchain-based supply chain management

For the project, Wong Supermarket’s parent company Cencosud has joined hands with a subsidiary of the Citizens Reserve. The subsidiary SUKU is a Silicon Valley-based supply chain company that was founded by members of the Deloitte Blockchain Lab.

Initially, the platform will be supported by JP Morgan’s blockchain platform Quorum. It would utilize enterprise-level blockchain infrastructure to support customers. The platform will be accessible from 20 Wong stores and would cover all meat products stamped with the SUKU logo.

This is similar to a Ⓤ or K emblem suggesting that a Jewish rabbi has inspected a product, but here it means that SUKU has tracked the product from the steer to shelf. Moreover, the platform would allow customers to use their blockchain to view blockchain history. Through this, customers can see a record that would verify each section of the meat’s history.

SUKU CEO stated that the product had incredible potential. He claimed that it would allow firms to tap into a “$1 trillion” that is “sitting there for companies and brands to take.” He stated that consumers are looking for stable and transparent supplies while the brands have ignored that demand. The product would be able to bridge the gap between them.

The supply chain would also track the health of the animals which can be renewed on the blockchain. All producers that vaccine their animals would register the certificate on the blockchain which is conducted automatically.

Wong Supermarket is one of the most trusted meat brands in Peru. When Cencosud bought the chain the locals went into an uproar fearing that things might change.

By Ahmad Asghar                                                                                          OCT 31, 2019

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