The Case Study

To protect our client’s market position and intellectual property, we’ve changed a few of the details in this case study—including their name. Founded over a century ago, Frachtschiff has become a global force in software and data integration for freight transportation, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and more.  Many of our clients come to us with a blank slate as far as technology is concerned. Not Frachtschiff. This innovative company has always lived on the leading edge of logistics technology. So, they didn’t need us to help them envision what was possible. What they needed was for someone to help them make their vision a reality And that’s precisely what we did. Last year, Frachstchiff recognized the need to develop a mobile application for its operators that integrated seamlessly within existing web enterprises. The application had to be GPS-enabled, highly secured, and capable of supporting complex, dynamic form processing—all without completely draining the batteries on mobile devices. Frachtschiff’s internal development team spun up work on the mobile application. But, before long, they began to run into one dead end after another. Catastrophic bugs here, broken features there—they simply couldn’t get the application to work the way they needed it to work. Development ground to a halt with no way forward. That’s when they called us. 

Quick Context

For the technology inclined: Frachschiff’s developers had started their work with React Native’s Expo framework, which is a solid choice for many applications—easy to build, test, and deploy. But, when applications get sophisticated—as was the case with the app that Frachstchiff envisioned—Expo imposes significant limitations that can’t easily be overcome. That’s ultimately what ground development to a halt.

The process

Frachstchiff’s team of highly-capable developers have played a crucial role in securing the company’s amazing track record in logistics technology. But what they lacked was specific experience in mobile technology. As a result, a few of the foundational decisions made early in the development process ended up crippling their application later on. Thankfully, our team had worked on projects of this nature before, and we had ample experience in building the exact application that Frachstschiff needed: GPS-enabled, energy-efficient, and capable of handling complex, dynamic forms processing.  From the start, our mission was to come alongside Frachtschiff’s developers, identify where the project had come off the rails, and get things back on track. Together, we went from a complete standstill to an on-time rollout to the company’s main customers. So far, they’ve not had a single issue and have received only positive feedback.

The Results

Frachtschiff’s new application has been such a success that the company is already planning Phase 2 and Phase 3 expansions so they can provide more value to more customers. This has always been our experience; once clients see their technological vision come to life and start generating real value, that vision only begins to grow.  
They really understood our project and deliverables… We felt they were partners in our process
Frachstchiff’s Director of Web Development

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