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Jewish Cemetery
December 05, 2014, 2013, in

Our company’s mission is to satisfy our client’s needs. This has led us to pursue a whole range of diverse projects. Now, we’ve decided to take on the creation of a system which will most certainly not go unnoticed. It’s the official website of the Jewish Cemetery in Uruguay, where friends and family can find the exact location of the deceased in order to visit them. Also, according to the Jewish faith, the anniversary of a loved one’s death requires a ceremony. This system allows to notify users by email or text when an anniversary is coming up, so they can have time to prepare the traditional ceremony according to the Hebrew calendar. From the beginning, the challenges of this task surpassed the technological aspects. Dealing with such a sensible subject, we always kept in mind that a “record” meant a 

Camino más corto desde la entrada

deceased person and a “map point” was a grave. We made sure to provide tools that would make it much easier for any relative (especially those who had to travel) to find their loved ones. The mapping tool and geo-location are the technological highlights of our system, which allows to find the shortest route to a deceased person’s approximate location within a section.


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